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EC/Boxing und BDB zu EhrenvonDenis Boytsov


21.10.2015 updated | 22:30 Uhr



24.10.2015 SaturdayGermany  Germany | Deutschland | Hannover[GER]

    Charity – Veranstaltung Boxen

   Eventmaker : EC – BoxingFIGHTER LEGION meet®  Erol Ceylan
     : B.D.B. – Bund Deutscher Berufsboxer
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   Germany  [GER] : B.D.B.Bund Deutscher Berufsboxer
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   Date : 24.10.2015
   Eventplace : Sporthalle Helmut-Schmidt Gymnasium
   Ring Announcer :  
   Einlass | Entrance | Entrée : 17:00 Uhr
   Anfang | Start | Begin : 17:30 Uhr
   Ende | End | Einde : 22:00 Uhr

[wpspoiler name=“Adresse | Landkarte:    Adress | Map:    Adres | Landkaart:“]Sporthalle Helmut-Schmidt GymnasiumKrieterstrasse 521109 HamburgGermany  Germany” width=  [mappress mapid=“299″ hidden=“true“][/wpspoiler]


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IV Battle of Lund

Battle of Lund 4

EVENTMAKER  RealFighter  Toni Guinovic
PICTURE  Part I  Part II

RealFighter Matchmaking
START 4 p.m.
1. Rasmus Olsson  WIN (3:0 POINT)  (Karlstad Muay Thai [SWE])  vs.  Abdi Mohammed  
(Rinkeby Muay Thai [SWE]) -57 KG / B-class
2. Anna Tatjana Lie  WIN (3:0 POINT)  Frontline Muay Thai  NOR  vs.  Martina Marcinelli  Boxe Chieri ITA -55kg / B-class
3. Jonatan LjungströmWIN (3:0 POINT)  RealFighter  SWE  vs.  Younse Lastat  (DEN) -65kg / B-class     START MAIN EVENT 5 p.m.
4. Prudencio AyiteWIN (2:1 POINT)  RealFighter  SWE  vs.  Daniel Lopez  Frontline Muay Thai  NOR -63,5kg / B-class
5. Marijeta Milic  Malmö Muay Thai SWE vs.  Therese Gunarsson  WIN (0:3 POINT)  (Helsingborg Muay Thai [SWE]) -51kg / B-class
6.   Soufian Touti  Siam Muay Thai Gym  DEN  vs.  Kardo Karaman  WIN (RSC CUT)  (019 Muay Thai  [SWE]) -63,5kg / B-class
7. Elna Nilsson  WIN (3:0 POINT)  RealFighter  SWE  vs.  Amy Nicoll  KO Bloodline  ENG -60kg / B-class
8. Johan Franzén  WIN (2:1 POINT)  Malmö Muay Thai  SWE  vs.  Hamza Bougmza  (Rinkeby Muay Thai [SWE]) -60kg / B-class
9.   Karam Salman  WIN (TKO CORNER STOP)  RealFighter  SWE  vs.  Youssef Assouik  Siam Muay Thai Gym  DEN -62kg / B-class
10. Mikkel Lund  Mikenta  DEN  vs.  Mathias Jonsson  WIN (0:3 POINT)  (Tullinge Muay Thai [SWE]) 63,5KG / B-class
11. Genc Uka  (CA Kristianstad [SWE])  vs.  Rhassan Mouharrab  WIN (1:2 POINT)  Mikenta  DEN -67kg / B-class
12. Sanja Trbojevic  
WIN (3:0 POINT)  Malmö Muay Thai  SWE  vs.  Jaleesa Alfons  Scorpio Gym  NED -70kg / B-class / Female
13. Kittisak Noiwibon  WIN (3:0 POINT)  RealFighter  SWE  vs.  Vladimir Ionescu  Boxe Chieri  ITA -67kg / A-class
Thank you Toni Guinovic RealFighter to invite the FIGHTER LEGION®
Den 26:e maj är det för fjärde gången dags för Sveriges (och Skandinaviens) fetaste thaiboxningsgala. Battle of Lund 4 erbjuder A- och B-matcher i världsklas…  
PICTURE 24.09.2011 Part I   Part II

IT´S SHOWTIME Edition 57&58 – Peter Aerts vs. Tyron Spong


30.06.2012 SATURDAY
Peter make his retirement fight in the Benelux.





PETER AERTS’ final fight in the Low Countries ended in disappointment as the Dutch heavyweight legend suffered a third round stoppage defeat to Tyrone Spong in Brussels.

Aerts received a fitting standing ovation for his ring walk as the main atttraction on IT’S SHOWTIME editions 57 and 58 – sponsored by Music Hall and BFN Group – at Forest National.

But victory escaped him on a night when IT’S SHOWTIME announced the groundbreaking news they have sold their company to Glory as Spong recovered from a slow start to drop him with a right hook which landed high to the side of the head.

Aerts rose at the count of six but referee Joop Ubeda waved the contest off after deciding the Dutch Lumberjack was not in a fit state to fight on.

“I had the feeling I could continue,” said Aerts after the fight. “It was the last round and there was maybe one minute left.

“I think I was ahead on points at the time, and in the second round I caught him and he was dizzy.

“Of course it’s not the result I wanted, but I asked straight after for a rematch and hopefully it can be arranged.”

Aerts outworked a sluggish Spong in the first round despite being on the back foot for most of it, although the second session was a lot more competitive.

Spong stepped on the gas in the third and landed a right to the chin which froze Aerts on the spot, then delivered the decisive blow after backing him to the ropes near a neutral corner.

Andy Souwer won widely on points to end Chris Ngimbi’s reign as the IT’S SHOWTIME 70kg MAX champion, although one judge bizarrely scored the five-round fight a draw.

Ngimbi held his own in the first round but Souwer held all of the aces after that, proving the more active and diverse of the two with boxing combinations, knees and low and high kicks.

“I think maybe one round was even and I took every other round, even though one judge didn’t agree,” Souwer said.

“But I don’t care about that , I won and never got into problems. It’s another title for my two sons.”

In the night’s other title fight, Danyo Ilunga retained the IT’S SHOWTIME 95kg MAX belt on points after an entertaining battle with Belgian Filip Verlinden.

Verlinden staggered the defending champion with a first round knee but Ilunga recovered quickly, setting a high tempo with his hands.

Tall and rangy, Verlinden kept pitching in and the crowd got right into the action as he clipped Ilunga with a high kick and the pair went toe to toe in a rousing finale.

Heavyweights banged it out in three of the most enthralling fights, with Daniel Ghita thrilling the Belgian audience with a two-round annihilation of Bosnia’s brave Dzevad Poturak.

Poturak came to fight but Ghita showed exactly why many kicboxing fans think he is the best big man in the world right now with a ruthless display of body kicking.

The Romanian dropped Poturak twice in the opening round with sickening rib kicks and put him down for the count with another booming shin to the midsection.

Ghita’s former teammate Mourad Bouzidi scored the most dramatic single-shot finish of the night – a gruesome second round broken nose stoppage of Rustemi Kreshnik.

New father Bouzidi had lost to Kreshnik previously but made amends big time as the Albanian switch hitter ducked into a right knee which not only flattened his nose, but spread it in about five different directions as well.

Much-improved Rico Verhoeven showed his narrow points win in Romania over Hesdy Gerges was no fluke as he floored the former IT’S SHOWTIME super heavyweight champion with a first round right hand on the way to a unanimous points victory.

Gerges suffered a suspected broken right hand at the end of the second round and had to use his left exclusively in the third.

The last time Robin van Roosmalen fought at Forest National he left the arena as the Fast and Furious tournament champion after three dynamic performances.

But he was on on the wrong end of an upset on this occasion as late replacement Hafid El Boustati ripped open his left eye with a second round knee, forcing a stoppage on the ringside doctor’s advice.

Armenia’s Marat Grigorian produced one of the evening’s most dynamic performances as he outscored Moroccan prospect Aziz Kallah.

Kallah had to be respected in the first round as he let fly with jumping knees, but Grigorian kept the pace and pressure high as he raced away after that, leaving Kallah marked up under his left eye.

Surinam’s Andy Ristie is one of the best up and coming fighters in the 70kg division and supplied further evidence of his potential with a first round mugging of Samir Djabba.

Ristie wasted no time in dropping bombs from all angles on the Frenchman and the fight was all over in about a minute.

Other main card results: Sonny Dagraed beat Fatih Ozkan, points; Duoli Chen beat Vahap Ozdemir points; Robbie Hageman beat Mandela Antone, points.
Pre-programme results – Cankurtaranoglu Cenk beat Vincent Gloris, points; Kirk Krouba beat Bertran Bertoni, third round retirement; Thomas Vanneste beat Yassine Bouanan, tko 2; Cedric de Keirsmaecker beat Perego Leftero, tko 2; Jahfarr Wilnis beat Sam Tevette, ko 3.
ON the Glory deal, IT’S SHOWTIME CEO Simon Rutz said: “For many years our companies have been fighting each other, having a war of words.

“War, most of the time, is never good. The war stops now. We have sold our company to Glory.

“The reson why is that I strongly believe that Glory is the future. Glory has all of the elements to be number one in the world fighting business.

“Everybody wants to see the best fighters in the world in one team, and now we have it.

“It wasn’t good that we had two competing organisations – 50% of the fighters fighting here, 50% there.

“Now we have the best fighters and the best promoters in the world, and the best audience.

“What was also important was that we found good investors, and now we have that.

“I understand that some people will be wondering what is going on with all of this news.

“But believe me, this is the biggest step in kickboxing history.

“From this moment on, we will see the best fighters fighting each other and not in competition.

“I’m really proud that we can form what I believe will be the best company in world kickboxing history.”

Bas Boon, president of Glory Sports and Golden Glory, added: “We have the best fighters, period. Glory will set a new standard in the kickboxing world.

“I have to especially thank Pierre Andrade, the chairman of investors for making all of this possible.

“Watch out for some spectacular fights in future.”

June 30th 2012 Brussels Belgium
During the its showtime Belgium event the great fights were overshadowed by a huge announcement.
In an emotional speech Simon Rutz called the founder of Golden Glory and president of Glory Sports Bas Boon to the ring.
After years of rivalry Simon announced he sold his company it’s showtime to Glory Sports.
Simon will work together to build Glory sports into the nbr 1 kickboxing brand in the world and said that
this move is the best for the competition in kickboxing in the history of the sport.
1. Cankurtaranoglu Cenk  WIN by POINT  vs.  Vincent Gloris
       -73KG / B-class / K1 / 3×3 minutes
2. Bertrand Bertoni  vs.  Kirk Krouba  WIN by GIVE UP
       Heavy Weight / B-class / K1 / 3×3 minutes
3. Yassine Bousanan  vs.  Thomas Vanneste  WIN by TKO 2. ROUND
       Heavy Weight / B-class / K1 / 3×3 minutes
4. Nordin Benmoh  WIN by POINT  vs.  Perego Leftero
       -75KG / A-class / K1 / 3×3 minutes
5. Jahfarr Wilnis  WIN by KO 3. ROUND  vs.  Sem Tevette
       Heavy Weight / A-class / K1 / 3×3 minutes
       Matchmaking It´s Showtime Edition 57 start at 6 p.m.
1. Vahap Özdemir  vs.  Duoli Chen  WIN by POINT
       -77K / K1 / 3×3 minutes
2. Mandela Antone  vs.  Robbie Hageman  WIN by POINT
       -70KG / K1 / 3×3 minutes
3. Aziz Kallah  vs.  Marat Grigorian  WIN by POINT
       -73KG / K1 / 3×3 minutes
4. Rico Verhoeven  WIN by POINT  vs.   Hesdy Gerges FIGHTERHEART
       Heavy Weight / K1 / 3×3 minutes
5. Mourad Bouzidi  WIN by POINT   vs.  Rustemi Kreshnik
       Heavy Weight / K1 / 3×3 minutes
6. Andy Souwer SOUWER POWER  WIN by POINT  vs.   Chris Ngimbi THE AFRICAN WARRIOR
       -70KG / K1 / 5×3 minutes
       Matchmaking It´s Showtime Edition 58 start at 9 p.m.
1. Samir Djabba  vs.  Andy Ristie THE MACHINE  WIN by KO
       -70KG / K1 / 3×3 minutes
2. Fatih Ozkan  vs.  Sonny Dagraed  WIN by POINT
       -73KG / K1 / 3×3 minutes
3. Filip Verlinden  vs.  Danyo Ilunga DIBUBA  WIN by POINT
          -95KG / K1 / 5×3 minutes
4. Hafid El BoustatiTHE ROCKE  WIN by MEDICAL STOP CUT  vs.  Robin van Roosmalen POKERFACE
          -70KG / K1 / 3×3 minutes
5. Dzevad Poturak  vs.  Daniel Ghita THE SAVAGE SAMURAI  WIN by KO 2. ROUND LIVER
       Heavy Weight / K1 / 3×3 minutes
         Retirement fight in Benelux from Peter Aerts
6. Tyron Spong KING OF THE RING  WIN by TKO 3. ROUND  vs.  Peter Aerts DUTCH LUMBERJACK
          Heavy Weight / K1 / 3×3 minutes
       Quiz Summary
Number of questions: 3
Number of submissions: 171
Average Points: 2.64
Average Score: 88.11%
1. Vladimir Ionesco (Italy)
2. André Steffen (Germany)
3. Conny Segers (Belgium)
4. Richard Konu (The Netherlands)
5. Talha Tunc (Germany)


The number 1 heavyweight in the world will fight on June 30 in Brussels, Belgium! Also on the fight card: Peter Aerts vs Tyrone Spong, world title fight 70kg between Andy Souwer and champ Chris Ngimbi, world title fight 95kg max between Filip Verlinden and champ Danyo Ilunga and many many more.
       PRESS RELEASE 20.06.2012
In comparison to the fight card we have previously announced for our upcoming event ‚Music Hall & BFN Group present IT’S SHOWTIME 57 & 58‘ on June 30 in Brussels, Belgium, some changes have been made. Most of the dropouts were due to injuries or because fighters didn’t get medical clearance as a result of knockout losses in the past weeks.
Jerome Le Banner won’t fight against Rustemi Kreshnik, despite the fact that there was an agreement for this fight, even by Jerome Le Banner himself. However, we have enough of the antics of Team Le Banner and we wish him and his seconds all the best. Rustemi Kreshnik will now face Mourad Bouzidi. Bouzidi defeated Kreshnik by medical intervention in 2010, so Kreshnik gets the change to avenge his loss, with the support of his home crowd.
The current number 1 heavyweight in the world, Daniel Ghita, will square off with Dzevad Poturak in Brussels. These fighters have gone to war twice and this rubber match will decide who scores the 2-1 in his favor. Anyone who has seen their two previous fights knows that these were real slugfests.
Hafid El Boustati will replace Harut Grigorian. Grigorian didn’t get clearance to fight after his knockout loss in Madrid, May 28. El Boustati is in amazing shape and Robin van Roosmalen will have to bring his A-game to score a victory.
There will be 2 IT’S SHOWTIME world title fights on the June 30 card. Filip Verlinden will try to dethrone Danyo Ilunga in the world title fight for the 95kg max belt. Chris Ngimbi will defend his world title in the 70kg max weight division against Andy Souwer.
Peter Aerts has been focusing on his fight against Tyrone Spong for the past months. This fight already promises to be a historical fight between the old and the new generation. Despite that this will be the last fight of Peter Aerts in the Benelux, Tyrone Spong will try anything that’s necessary to spoil Aerts’ party.
PRESS RELEASE (25.04.2012)
Peter Aerts: „I will come to Brussels to knock Spong out“. Nobody missed the fact that Music Hall & BFN Group present IT’S SHOWTIME 57 & 58 will take place on June 30 in Forest National. None other than the living legend PETER „LUMBERJACK“ AERTS will fight his last match for the Benelux fans. Aerts really didn’t want an easy fight for this retirement as he chose TYRONE SPONG.
We visited Aerts in his new K1-Aerts-Dojo and asked him about his upcoming fight with TYRONE Spong. Click here to watch the entire interview. Don’t forget to subscribe to our new YouTube channel and make sure you don’t miss a thing!
Info for Music Hall; BFN Group present IT’S SHOWTIME 57 & 58:
Order now your Ticket  Seating
Met vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,
Sebastiën van Dusschoten
Coordinator Press & Media
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For presale addresses and the latest news: check or download our free IT’S SHOWTIME app for your smartphone.

Slamm VII – The Netherlands vs. Thailand


27.05.2012 SUNDAY
Youth Muay Thai 2×2 minute
-48kg Damian Johansson Bonjasky Academy  vs.  Tony Jas Jr (TB Den Haag) draw
N-class Muay Thai 3×1,5 minute
-70 kg 3×1,5 Romano Duin Simon Gym  vs.  Winston Fernandez (Team Verhaegh) win by point
-100 kg 3×1.5 Moreno Dorder Simon Gym  vs.  Marinho Gordon Bonjasky Academy win by point
C-class Muay Thai 3×2 minute
-63 kg 3×2 Gilliano Olieberg Days Gym win by point  vs.  Marcello Cusimano (MT Palermo Italy)
-76 kg 3×2 Ilona Geluk (Bari Gym)  vs.  Roos Borst (Ben Ali Gym) win by point
B-class Muay Thai 3×3 minute
-68 kg 3×3 Kevin Bromet Days Gym  vs.  Gino Dixon (Team van de Berg/Hanse) win by point
-70 kg 3×3 Mohammed el Messaoudi Simon Gym  vs.  Kevin Hesseling (KB Haarlem) draw
-80 kg 3×3 Cedric Simson (Ropi Gym) win by point  vs.  Fernando Goodings Mejiro Gym Friesland
-95 kg 3×3 Tarik Khbabez (TB Den Haag) win by point  vs.  Yassin Bensellam (Ajuau & Etta Gym)
A-class Muay Thai 3×3 minute
-75 kg 3×3 Matthias Ibssa Mousid Gym  vs.  Alka Matewa (Belgium) win by point
-58 Kg 3×3 Denise Kielholtz Team Slamm win by point  vs.  Kateřina Svobodová (Czech, Slovak)
-80 kg 3×3 Errol Koning (Ropi Gym) win by TKO round 2  vs.  Omar Amrani Tempel Fightschool
A-class Muay Thai 3×3 minute (K-1 rules)
-70 kg 3×3 Robbie Hageman Golden Glory Helmond   Siam Gym  
vs.  Romano Morjoner The Colosseum win by point
-72 kg 3×3 Giga Chikadze (Georgia) win by point  vs.  Otman Allach (Pancration)
A-class Full Muay Thai rules 5×3 minute
– 61 kg Ilias el Hajoui Ali Fit Gym  vs.  Pornsane Sitmonchai win by point
-72,5 Kg Miles Simson (Vos Gym/Real Fighters) win by point  vs.   Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn
-70 kg Faldir Chahbari   Best of the East NED win by point  vs.   Bovy Sor Udomsorn
-70 kg Mohamed Khamal (Vos Gym/Real Fighters) win by medical stop round 2  
vs.  Saiyok Pumphangmuang

Still one week remaining until the main event.
On Sunday the 27th of May SLAMM Events presents the long awaited Muay Thai Boxing spectacle SLAMM VII – The Netherlands vs. Thailand in which Sporthal Stedenwijk, Almere shall be transformed into a true Thai-boxing Arena. During this event our own Dutch natives shall fight against the top of Thailand. Beside it also The Best of The Netherlands. Will show what they are made of and the programme shall be further combined with MMA and even more sensational fights.
With this line-up every Thai-box lover has a fair reason to be present at this spectacle. And due to the occasion of this true spectacle, SLAMM. Events has a nice surprise in store for the fans: Through Facebook 10 entrance cards will be raffled!! Are you linked to Slamm and do you also want to purchase a golden ticket? Change your Facebook profile picture into the poster SLAMM VII – The Netherlands vs. Thailand . The winners shall randomly be chosen and will have the chance to be a part of this huge Thai-boxing event!! So do you also want to be one of the 10 lucky winners, get the chance to cheer on your favorites on May of 27th and witness how the fighters will battle each other on Full Muay Thai rules? Then turn the SLAMM VII – The Netherlands vs. Thailand poster into your Facebook profile picture and get the chance to win an entrance card.
SLAMM VII – The Netherlands vs. Thailand …The Saga Continues…

On Sunday the 27th of May 2012, Almere will once again become the stage for the new edition of “Holland vs Thailand. After a period of absence this concept will once again return to the Dutch soil. In November 2009 part VI was organised in the Top Sport hall of Almere, were the audience was able to enjoy four top fights, and in addition to this the “Best of Holland” programme. Anuwat Kaewsamrit was not able to conquer the role of audience favorite against the upcoming talents Mohamed Khamal and Mosab Amrani, who had a fight against Anuwat one year earlier, surprisingly knocked out Bovy sor Udomsorn in the first round. Finally it all ended in a draw for Thailand. The unapproachable Saiyok Pumphangmuang who fought for the first time on a Slamm!! Event made sure that Warren Stevelmans didn’t have a lot to bring into the fight. One year earlier, during his re-entrée, Fikri Tjarti also had to acknowledge Saiyok as his master, who at the moment still remains undisputed outside Thailand. Also the well-known Yodsaenklai Fartex won an impressive fight on points against Khalid Bourdif.
In the period of absence the organisation was often requested when the next Slamm!! Event would be organised. After a re-organisation the composition changed and behind the scenes the organization has worked very hard to bring back this concept. The goal was and will always be to bring the absolute top from Thailand to the Netherlands and to have them fight on full Muay Thai rules against Dutch opponents. In that same way the Dutch audience was a witness to the fact that Slamm!! was the organization who promoted top fighters such as Buakaw por Pramuk, Saenchai Sor Kingstar, Koaklai Kaennorasing, Saiyok Pumphangmuang, Yodsaenklai Fairtex, Anuwat Kaewsamrit, Bovy sor Udomsorn and Samranchai 96Penang on Dutch soil for the first time. The composition of the Thai delegation changed throughout the years, but the goal remained the same and the audience was treated with absolute top Muay Thai fights. Due to this Slamm!! is being acknowledged by the connoisseurs as the “favorite.” Not only the Thai fights guaranteed this, but also the composition of the remaining fights caused a lot of buzz. Also the hit between Joeri Mes and Andy Souwer has become a classic in the mean time. Due to this way of match-making Slamm!! has become the Dutch promoter of full Muaythai both locally as well as abroad.
For part VII, which is now planned to be held in the Sporthal Stedenwijk in Almere, Slamm!! has a lot in store once again. We are going back to the roots, especially since the first Slamm!! event was also held in this location where Marco Pique fought against Buakaw Por Pramuk. In a sold out hall this huge matchmaking should once again be achievable. Instead of launching the entire matchmaking we have decided that this time the promotion of the event will be combined with a contest. We hereby launch a number of names of the fighters of the “Holland vs Thailand” and the “Best of Holland” programme. The person who is able to put together the entire matchmaking of “Holland vs Thailand”, in else the four fights, will be the winner of two free entrance cards. To prevent any confusions, there are 12 fighters, of which 4 will not fight in the “Holland vs Thailand” programme, but who will participate in the “Best of Holland” programme. Put together the list in this topic and who knows you might be one of the first to win two cards. The remaining fans have the opportunity to buy their entrance cards for the special pre-sale price of Euro 32,50 until the 31st of March. These cards are available at all Free Record Shop branches ,online on the Slamm!! Facebook and
Op Zondag 27 mei zal Almere wederom het toneel gaan vormen voor de nieuwste editie van “Holland vs Thailand”. Na een periode van afwezigheid zal het concept weer terugkeren op Nederlandse bodem. In november 2009 werd deel VI georganiseerd in de Topsporthal te Almere, waar het publiek kon genieten van een viertal toppartijen, aangevuld met het “Best of Holland” programma. Anuwat Kaewsamrit kon zijn favorietenrol niet waarmaken tegen het opkomende talent Mohamed Khamal en Mosab Amrani die een jaar eerder dé partij van het jaar vocht tegen Anuwat sloeg verrassend Bovy sor Udomsorn neer in de eerste ronde. Voor Thailand eindigde het uiteindelijk toch nog in een gelijkspel. De ongenaakbare Saiyok Pumphangmuang die voor de eerste keer op een Slamm!! evenement vocht zorgde ervoor dat Warren Stevelmans weinig had in te brengen. Een jaar eerder moest Fikri Tjarti tijdens zijn rentree in het muaythai al zijn meerdere erkennen in Saiyok, die op dit moment nog steeds onverslagen is buiten Thailand. Ook de bekende Yodsaenklai Fairtex won in een mooie partij op punten van Khalid Bourdif.
In de periode van afwezigheid kreeg de organisatie vaak de vraag voorgelegd wanneer het volgende Slamm!! evenement georganiseerd zou worden. Na een reorganisatie is de samenstelling verandert en heeft men hard gewerkt achter de schermen om weer het concept terug te brengen. Doelstelling was en is altijd geweest om de absolute top uit Thailand naar Nederland te brengen en ze hier op volledig Thaise regels laten vechten tegen Nederlandse opponenten. Zo was het Nederlandse publiek getuige van het gegeven dat Slamm!! de organisatie was die toppers zoals Buakaw por Pramuk, Saenchai Sor Kingstar, Koaklai Kaennorasing, Saiyok Pumphangmuang, Yodsaenklai Fairtex, Anuwat Kaewsamrit, Bovy sor Udomsorn en Samranchai 96Penang voor de eerste keer op Nederlandse bodem promootte. De samenstelling van de Thaise delegatie veranderde door de jaren heen, maar de doelstelling bleef gelijk en het publiek werd getrakteerd op absolute top muaythai partijen. Mede door dit gegeven word Slamm!! door de kenners gekenmerkt als de “liefhebbers” Niet alleen de Thaise partijen stonden hiervoor garant, maar ook de samenstelling van de overige partijen maakte veel tongen los. Zo is de kraker tussen Joeri Mes en Andy Souwer inmiddels een klassieker geworden. In binnen en buitenland is Slamm!! door deze manier van matchen dé Nederlandse promotor van het full Muaythai geworden.
Voor deel VII die gepland staat in de Sporthal Stedenwijk in Almere is Slamm!! weer enorm veel van plan. Men gaat terug naar de roots, aangezien het eerste Slamm!! evenement hier ook werd georganiseerd waar Marco Pique het op nam tegen Buakaw Por Pramuk. In een uitverkochte zaal zal dit met een dikke matchmaking opnieuw te realiseren zijn. In plaats van de gehele matchmaking te lanceren hebben we deze keer besloten om de bekendmaking van het evenement te combineren met een prijsvraag. Bij deze lanceren we een aantal namen van de vechters van de “Holland vs Thailand” en “Best of Holland” programma’s. Wie de gehele matchmaking , dus degene die de 4 partijen daarmee kan samenstellen van “Holland vs Thailand” wint meteen twee vrijkaartjes. Er zijn dus 12 vechters, waarvan er 4 niet in de “Holland vs Thailand” zullen vechten, maar wel in de “Best of Holland”, om onduidelijkheden te voorkomen. Stel in deze topic dus de lijst samen en wie weet ben je één van de eersten met twee kaarten. De overige liefhebbers kunnen tot 31 maart gebruiken maken van de speciale voorverkooprijs van 32,50. Deze kaarten zijn te verkrijgen via alle filialen van Free Record Shop en online op de Slamm!! Facebook en

Afghanistan Projekt – Pro Boxen – K1

19.05.2012  SATURDAY


EVENTMAKER: Champions Gym (Baktash "TIGER" Saidis) (WEBSITE)


1.Jason Lindner Champion Gym> (WIN)  vs.   Djamal Thaisport Düren
D-class K1 36KG
2.Arslan Sahin Champion Gym  vs.   Robert Lau Puria-Gym Trier (WIN)
D-class K1 70KG
3.Dwayn Champion Gym  vs.   Etienne Stollenwerk Thaisport Düren (WIN)
D-class K1 65KG
4.Tresor Champion Gym  vs.   Markus Sportschule-Schwarz-Wiehl (WIN)
D-class Boxen 75KG
5.Emre Aksoy Champion Gym (WIN)   vs.  John Energy Gym Euskirchen
D-class K1 55KG
6.Carsten Begass Champion Gym (WIN)   vs.   Kais Barek Puria-Gym Trier
D-class K1 80KG
7.Frederieke Thaisport Düren  vs.   Dilar Kisikyol Bakis Fightclub Leverkusen
D-class Boxing
8. Brinquinho  Thaisport Düren (WIN)   vs.   Habib. H Puria-Gym Trier
D-class K1 72KG
9.Meikel Noisee Champion Gym  vs.  Gino Weiss Puria-Gym Trier (WIN)
C-class K1 65KG
10.Ibo Izgini Champion Gym (WIN)   vs.   Aschamaz Kanukov Fightclub Leverkusen
C-class Boxing 70KG
11.Görkan Basak Thaisport Düren (WIN)   vs.   Mario Mariusz Puria-Gym Trier
D-class K1 100KG
12.Agron Meholli Champion Gym  vs.  Vladimir Ivcenkov  Fightclub Gladiator Cologne (WIN)
A-class 5×2 TITEL WBC
13.Patrick Schulze Champion Gym (WIN)   vs.  Marc Schnitzler
4×3 Boxen
14. Jama Saidi  Champion Gym (WIN)   vs.   Artur Wiebe Sportschule-Schwarz-Wiehl
4×3 Boxen

Afghanistan-Projekt – Hilfe für Kinder in Afghanistan
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
wir möchten Ihnen mitteilen, dass wir am 19.05.2012 eine Benefizgala zu Gunsten des „Afghanistan-Projekt“ – Hilfe für Kinder in Afghanistan veranstalten. Bei dieser Veranstaltung kämpfen talentierte Dürener, sowie Deutschland- und europaweite Sportler für ein Ziel. Wir wollen gemeinsam was bewegen und benachteiligte Menschen unterstützen.
Baktash Saidis, Europameister im Profi Thaiboxen möchte diesmal mit seinem Projekt, benachteiligte und Kriegsgeschädigte Kinder in Afghanistan unterstützen. Die Vorbereitungen laufen bereits auf Hochtouren. Die Fight Night findet am Samstag, den 19.05.2012 in der Rurtalhalle in Lendersdorf (Düren) statt. Geplant sind 10 Kämpfe im K-1, Thaiboxen und Profi Boxen, sowie ein besonderes und sehr abwechslungsreiches Programm. (Tanz-Shows, Musik-Shows … und vieles mehr)!
Der Reinerlös des Abends geht in das „Afghanistan-Projekt“, welches dann an diesem Abend vorgestellt wird.
Samstag, 19.05.2012
Rurtalhalle Lendersdorf (Ardennenstr. / 52355 Düren)
Einlass: 16:00 Uhr / Beginn: 18:00 Uhr
Karten – Schüler VVK 8€ / Erw. VVK 10€ / AK 15€
Aftershowparty incl.
Sie können Ihre Karten nicht abholen?
-Kein Problem, rufen Sie an und geben Sie ihre Adresse durch
(24h Bring Service)
Kartenbestellung/-reservierung unter:
Tel.: ´+49 (0)2421-306680 oder +49 (0)151-12483072
Mit sportlichem Gruß
Baktash Saidis
Baktash Saidis   Champions Gym   CG Security

IT´S SHOWTIME Edition 56


12.05.2012  SATURDAY
Kick Boxing -85 Kg
Cheick Sidibe   vs.   Jason Wilnis
by points
Kick Boxing Heavy Weight
Daniel Ghita   vs.   Brian Douwes
by left hook KO Rround 2
Kick Boxing Heavy Weight
Rustemi Kreshnik   vs.   Michael Duut
by 3 knockdowns TKO
Kick Boxing -85 Kg
Sahak Parparyanvs   vs.   Andrew Tate
by points
Kick Boxing Heavy Weight
Sergei Lashchenko   vs.   Salah Edine Kandoussi
by left hook KO Round 1
Kick Boxing -73 Kg
Sonny Dagraed   vs.   Eric Denis
by points

PRESS RELEASE (08.05.2012): Countdown to IT’S SHOWTIME 56: spectacular world title fight.
Coming Saturday, May 12, marks the day of one of the most controversial IT’S SHOWTIME world title fights ever, as ‘Siam Gym Belgium presents IT’S SHOWTIME 56’ in Kortrijk, Belgium.
The reigning IT’S SHOWTIME world champion 85kg max, Sahak ‘Hak’ Parparyan from Armenia, will defend his title against the challenger from the USA, Andrew Tate.
Tate is not one to be shy on his IT’S SHOWTIME debut, as he suggested to bet Parparyan for € 1000. The tough Armenian showed his determination and even wants to raise the bet to € 5000! Tate, while introducing himself in a self-recorded video, responded in that same video, telling the current champion “you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into” .
The complete video of Andrew Tate and it looks like kickboxing fans get to meet a fighter who knows how to talk the talk, but the inevitable question is: can he walk the walk? Please look PRESS RELEASE (06.05.2012) at the bottom.
It will be a champion-versus-champion fight, as Tate is an ISKA world champion. “He should be happy if he survives 5 rounds with me. And if he does, he needs a visit to the hospital and he’ll have to eat through a straw. Also, after he fights me, he won’t be able to walk for a while,” so said Parparyan.
Tate has scored many victories by (T)KO, but ‘Hak’ is not easily impressed: “Andrew Tate fought nothing but cans. This time he will find out the difference between fighting a champion and fighting a pipsqueak.”
It promises to be a very intense staredown at the weigh-ins on Friday and an action-packed fight on Saturday!
Also starring on the fight card is the current IT’S SHOWTIME world heavyweight champion Daniel Ghita. The Romanian who impressively knocked out Hesdy Gerges, something even Badr “GOLDEN BOY” Hari couldn’t accomplish, will take on Brian Douwes. While Douwes may not be the most well-known kickboxer, he is a tough guy and not afraid of a challenge, proven by the fact that he steps in for dropout Sebastien van Thielen on short notice against a dangerous man like Ghita.
For the entire fight card, click here.
For tickets & info, click here.
The event will be streamed live on internet PPV. To order your stream, visit SHOWTIME FIGHTS
This service is not available in Belgium and The Netherlands.
Met vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,
Sebastiën van Dusschoten
Coordinator Press & Media
Facebook Fanpage
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PRESS RELEASE (06.05.2012)
Andrew Tate: „Hak, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.“
American kickboxer Andrew Tate will challenge Sahak Parparyan for the IT’S SHOWTIME world title 85kg max at Siam Gym Belgium presents IT’S SHOWTIME 56 on 12.05.2012 in Kortrijk, Belgium.
We sent Tate some questions, to which he responds in a self-recorded video. Tate gives his view on the fight, betting with opponents and more. Tate wanted to bet Parparyan for € 1000. The reigning champion even wants to bet for € 5000. Tate’s reaction is in the video.



We zijn erin geslaagd om het grootste kickboxing evenement ter wereld voor het eerst in de geschiedenis naar onze streek te brengen!! De datum staat vast op Zaterdag 12 mei!
Op dit gala zullen de beste vechters ter wereld aantreden alsook enkele lokale athleten!
Op deze editie zullen we de eer hebben om Daniel Ghita te laten aantreden! Ghita is de huidige wereldkampioen bij de
zwaargewichten en is topfavoriet om dit jaar het K-1 tornooi te winnen in Japan!
Ghita heeft ook het wereldrecord op zak van snelste winst op een K-1 tornooi!! Hij versloeg 3 tegenstanders in 5min 15sec!! Het vorige record stond op naam van Peter Aerts die het klaarspeelde op 6min 43 sec.
In In het hoofdprogramma zullen 6 wedstrijden plaastvinden met professionele athleten uit maar liefst 10 verschillende landen,
Ook zal de wereldtitel uitgevochten worden in de klasse „85 kg
Dit alles zal aangevuld worden met wedstrijden van absolute wereldklasse en een ongeziene spectaculaire show!!
Info :
Normal Tickets : 35€
Ringseats : 100€ (information about oder under +32 (0) 496 262 742 /
International presale : Mr. Luc Janssen: +32 (0) 475/55.91.48
Local presale (regio Kortrijk)/ ringseats : Mr. Derijcke Bruno : +32 (0) 496/26.27.42
Siam Gym & Funkafee : Theofiel Toyeplein 6, 8550 Zwevegem
Swim Gym : Bekaertstraat 4 , 8550 Zwevegem
Sportline Roeselare : Koestraat 181 8800 Roeselare
Doors open: 16:30 p.m.
Start event : 18:00 p.m.
Adress: Evenementenhal „De Schelp“ , Menenstraat 122, bus 2, 8560 Wevelgem, Belgium
Don’t miss this beautiful event! It would be a shame.
TEXT SOURCE: 06.05.2012 from Facebook Siam Gym presents : IT’S SHOWTIME 56 – KORTRIJK