Tournament 8 man – 66KG – I1 World Muay Thai Grand Prix 2012


23.04.2012  MONDAY

EVENTMAKER:  I-1 (Master Kim Ip)  (WEBSITE)

I-1 World Muaythai Grand Prix 2011

will be held in Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre (Star Hall) on 23 April 2012.

8 world-class muaythai fighters will participate in an 8-man tourney of 66 kg. The last man standing will

be named WMC I-1 World Grand Prix Champion. The participants are:


Kurt Finlayson (a.k.a. “Killer”) from Australia, WMC South Pacific Champion, WMC Oceania Champion

and former I-1 International Champion.


Hamza Rahmani (a.k.a. “Hitman”) from Belgium, WMC Best of the West Champion and Benelux Champion.


Rhassan Muhareb (a.k.a. “The Pitbull”) from Palestine, IMC and WKA World Champion, and IKBF European Champion


Jefferson Vulpe from Brazil, two-time Champion of Brazil.


Marcin Lepkowski from Poland, WMC Polish Champion and Winner of European Cup.


Sexanlek Pattaya Boxing World from Thailand, WAKO Thailand Champion and Theprasit Stadium Champion.


Pavlos Kaponis (a.k.a. “Diamond) from Greece, 4-time Greek Champion and Winner of “No Limits”


Jason Woodham (a.k.a.“Handsome Hero”) from England, WMC MAD Champion and IMKO English Champion


On the card as Super Fights, include:


Vuyisile Colossa (a.k.a. “Cheetah”) from South Africa, current WMC I-1 Grand SLAM World Champion
Chamnan Chimnok from Thailand, a highly ranked fighter in major Thai stadiums


Santichai Or Boonchuay (a.k.a. “Tom Yum Goong”), former I-1 World Grand Prix Champion
Arthur Sorsor from U.S.A., current AJKF Champion of Japan


Chatsamai Swish (Thailand), former A-class Thai pro fighter
Mohd Ali Yaakub (Malaysia), WMC Asian Champion and I-1 Asian Champion


Venus Tsang (Hong Kong), 3-time Female Champion of Hong Kong
Dauwlung Sitpholek (Thailand), Champion of Northern Thailand and Theprasit Stadium
for the WKBC Title Belt


Tang Chak-Ming (Hong Kong China), former Hong Kong featherweight Champion
vs in WKBC rules,

Nigel Choong (Malaysia), Champion of Kuala Lumpur Open


Lui Chun-Yin (Hong Kong China), one of the current top local muaythai stars
Ling Kim-Fung (Hong Kong China), a.k.a. “Apeman”, former IMF China Champion


Lo Kit-Fung
vs, in WKBC rules,
Fung Chi-Kin


“I-1” is the ONLY Muaythai brand name in Hong Kong you can trust!!!


Promoter: Master Kim Ip


Venue: Star Hall, Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre (Kowloon Bay)

Date: 23 April 2012


Habour Fights


19.05.2012 SATURDAY
Den Helder / The Netherlands / Holland
Boxing Habour Fights
EVENTMAKER: Fightclub Boxing NH (Tinus Lustig)  WEBSITE

Name of the event: Harbour Fights (only boxing)
Location: Hotel Den Helder (you can sleep for 35 Euro per person including breakfast)
City: Den Helder Holland
Street: Marsdiepstraat 2 Den Helder
Date: 19.05.2012
Start time: 7 p.m.
Price 15 Euro (before the night) and at the door that evening 20 Euro
VIP-table 300 Euro for 5 persons (including drinks and foot)
Tinus Lustig
WEBSITE     MAILADRESS     +31653733783
demo. Dario Pool (Fightclub Boxing NH) vs. Zion Martina (Fightclub Boxing NH)
40 KG / 3 x 1 minute / pupil
demo. Colin Kok (Fightclub Boxing NH) vs. Donnie Tebbes (Fightclub Boxing NH)
60 KG / 3 x 1,5 minute / pupil
demo. Tommy Jong (Fightclub Boxing NH) vs. Dje Bakker (Fightclub Boxing NH)
50 KG / 3 x 1,5 minute / pupil
demo. Stefan Zuidberg (Fightclub Boxing NH) vs. Nigel Pauli (Fightclub Boxing NH)
55 KG / 3 x 1,5 minute / pupil
5. Tina Bruggenkamp (BV Assen) vs. Fenny van Erp (Fightclub Boxing NH)
81 KG / 3 x 2 minute / female
Break Demonstration Pencak Silat
1. Kyle Pentney (Boksteam Vargas) vs. Tony Jas (Haagse directe)
45 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Newcomer class / pupil
2. Jurriaan Schrofer (Albert Cuyp) vs. Ruwen Gouwenberg (MSV Zeemacht)
69 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Newcomer class / youth
3. Nabiel Haryouli (Haagse directe) vs. Jesse Dean Bijpost (Fightclub Boxing NH)
60 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Newcomer class / youth
4. Jean Vasquez (Olyimpia Leeuwarden) vs. Paul Woestijne (De Voltreffer)
60 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Newcomer class / junior
5. Simon Pormes (Haagse directe) vs. Luc Nijhof (BV Assen)
34 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Newcomer class / pupil
6. Jilles Bijlstra (De Waldhoek) vs. Remy de Haas (Fightclub Boxing NH)
69 KG / 3 x 2 minute / C – class
7. Koen van Arem (Fightclub Boxing NH) vs. Diego Grant (Boksteam Vargas)
64 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Newcomer class / junior
8. Gerrit Jan Smit (BC Emmen) vs. Roy Korving (BC Benthuizen)
91 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Elite-Newcomer class
Break Demonstration AikidoQuincy Huussen (De Voltreffer) vs. Luciano Byron Kops Gym Amsterdam
69 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Elite B-clas
10. Shereia Kalmkoot (Frisia) vs. Denise Scheltinga (Fightclub Boxing NH)
60 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Newcomer class / female
11. Robin Sinnema (Olympia Leeuwarden) vs. Steve Suppan Kops Gym Amsterdam
64 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Elite-Newcomer class / junior
12. Giovanni Rijkaard (ABC Amsterdam) vs. Richard Wijker (Petit Egmond)
69 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Newcomer class / youth
13. Milo Falter (Albert Cuyp) vs. Geert Kiefte (Fightclub Boxing NH)
69 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Elite-Newcomer class
14. Djamshid Ahmad (ABC Amsterdam) vs. Tuan Nuygen (Fightclub Boxing NH)
64 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Elite- c-class
15. Jason Kok (Sokudo) vs. Jeremy Kleintjes (FFC-FTA)
69 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Newcomer class / youth
16. Nick Hiemstra (Fightclub Boxing NH) vs. Jeffry Breure Kops Gym Amsterdam
81 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Elite-Newcomer class
17. Oscar Camelia (Albert Cuyp) vs. Sven Leeuwenburgh (Fightclub Boxing NH)
75 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Elite-Newcomer class
18. Nico Ermoso (Haagse directe) vs. Brian Zeh Kops Gym Amsterdam
69 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Elite C-class
19. Vince van de Loo (Albert Cuyp) vs. Frank Rigter (BS Jan Kneppers)
75 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Elite C-class
20. Michiel Klaui (Haagse directe) vs. Hilgur Demmer (Olympia Leeuwarden)
81 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Elite C-class
21. Frans Oudelaar (MSV Zeemacht) vs. Kareem Kabal (Fightclub Boxing NH)
81 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Elite-Newcomer class
22. Pieter de Munnik Kops Gym Amsterdam vs. Oktay Er (Fightclub Boxing NH)
91 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Elite C-class
23. Orpheo Peiter (ABC Haarlem) vs. Lucas Kasanroijat (Frisia)
81 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Elite-Newcomer class
24. Ramond Eberveld (Haagse directe) vs. Christiaan van Hunen Kops Gym Amsterdam
+91 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Elite C-class
25. Sammy Gout (Choku Gym) vs. Ahmed El Ainouni (Albert Cuyp)
75 KG / 3 x 2 minute / Elite C-class
26. Jevgeny Skukins (Amsterdam) vs. Mourad Tijarti (Purmerend)
67 KG / 6 x 3 minute / professional

The last Kick Boxing fight of Badr Hari

IT´SHOWTIME Simon Rutz presents the last Kick Boxing fight of Badr Hari.

28.01.2012 in The Netherlands / Leeuwarden

PRESS RELEASE 28.09.2011

Badr Hari retires from kickboxing and will be heading to the US for a boxing career.
Badr Hari has decided to retire from kickboxing to start a new career as a boxer. On January 28, 2012, Badr Hari will fight his last kickboxing match on the IT’S SHOWTIME event in WTC Expo in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. After this fight, he will go to the United Stated to fully work on his boxing career.
This announcement will be a shock to the millions of kickboxing fans all around the world, but the sport of boxing will welcome and embrace this charismatic fighter. In the U.S., many see Badr Hari as the man to relaunch the popularity of boxing, and he’s being seen as a mix of Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson.
Badr doesn’t just want to say goodbye to kickboxing and therefore he has chosen Gökhan Saki as his last opponent in kickboxing. Many millions of fans of combat sports have been waiting for this fight for years, and now they have the opportunity to see it.
If K-1 will host a World Grand Prix this year, Badr will also participate to that. The Grand Prix Final is scheduled for December 10 in China. If this World Grand Prix will take place, depends if K-1 will be able to pay its debts to IT’S SHOWTIME and others. If not, the fight on January 28 will be Badr’s only remaining fight as a kickboxer.
An amazing combat sports arena will be built in the WTC Expo venue in Leeuwarden, in which all spectators have the feeling they are in the ring themselves. Unfortunately, only 5000 people can watch this event live in the venue. The presale starts October 15, and only on this day, the € 125 tickets will be available for € 100.
Fight card January 28, 2012 in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands:
Badr Hari vs. Gökhan Saki
Daniel Ghita vs. Hesdy Gerges (IT’S SHOWTIME world title heavyweight)
Tyrone Spong vs. Melvin Manhoef
Errol Zimmerman vs. Rico Verhoeven
Ben Edwards vs. Ricardo van den Bos
Murat Direkçi vs Robin van Roosmalen
Lhoucine ‘Aussie’ Ouzgni vs. Yohan Lidon (IT’S SHOWTIME world title 73kg max)
Gago Drago vs. Hinata Watanabe
Chahid Oulad El Hadj vs. Harut Grigorian
Danyo Ilunga vs. Mourad Bouzidi
Michael Duut vs. Anderson ‘Braddock’ Silva
Henry van Opstal vs. Hafid el Boustati

For presale addresses and the latest news: check or download our free IT’S SHOWTIME app for your smartphone.

Met vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,
Sebastiën van Dusschoten
Coordinator Press & Media

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Trailer II – Buakaw Por Pramuk – Boxer,Legend,Legacy

Champ Boxing Magazin



Buakaw Por Pramuk – Boxer,Legend,Legacy

Dies ist der Trailer zu einer der aussergewöhnlichsten Dokumentationen des Jahres. Zum ersten Mal spricht Muay Thai Legende“ Buakaw Por. Pramuk“ über seine komplette Karriere. Buakaw so persönlich wie nie zuvor. Von Kindheit über K1 Triumph, bis zu seinem neuen Leben als Trainer und Camp Besitzer. „Buakaw – Boxer, Legend, Legacy“ , bringt einen neuen Einblick in das Leben des berühmtesten Muay Thai Kämpfers aller Zeiten.

Buakaw Por Pramuk – Boxer,Legend,Legacy

This is the Trailer to one of the most breathtaking documentaries of the year. For the first time Muay Thai Legend “Buakaw Por. Pramuk” speaks over his complete career. Buakaw “close up” as never seen before. From childhood, to K1 triumph, to his new life as a trainer and camp owner. “Buakaw- Boxer,Legend, Legacy” brings you a unique look on the life of the most famous “Muay Thai” fighters of all time.

Buakaw Por Pramuk – Boxer,Legend,Legacy

นี่เป็นเพียงคลิปตัวอย่างสารคดีที่น่าจับตามากที่สุดแห่งปี เป็นครั้งแรกที่นักชกไทยขวัญใจชาวโลกอย่าง „บัวขาว ป.ประมุข“ เปิดอกตอบทุกคำถามชนิดเจาะลึกอย่างที่คุณอาจไม่เคยเห็นที่ใดมาก่อน ตั้งแต่เรื่องราวครั้งแรกบนผืนผ้าใบ ไปจนถึงความสำเร็จสูงสุดบนสังเวียน K1 และปัจจุบันในฐานะหัวหน้าค่ายบัญชาเมฆ “Buakaw- Boxer, Legend, Legacy” สารคดีที่คุณต้องติดตามจนจบ.

Trailer II
„Buakaw- Boxer, Legend,Legacy“ Trailer 2. This is the second trailer to a documentary, that takes you closer than ever to Thailands most famous Muay Thai fighter. Buakaw from childhood, to K1, to his new life as a trainer and camp owner. Buakaw up close, Buakaw like you have never seen him before. „Buakaw- Boxer, Legend,Legacy“ coming soon…

Timo Ruge / Gerrit Staron